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Asset Management

Residential Properties

Providing insight-driven transformation to investment banks, wealth and asset managers, exchanges, clearing houses.

Smart Buildings

We strive to make our assets smart. A smart building collects data from its facilities and has an automated system, which enables different facilities to communicate among each other.

Commercial Properties

We provide a commercial property investment platform, which deploys investors funds directly with investment opportunities. Our focus is the commercial real estate market which serves large institutions and investors.

Portfolio Management

We provide a digital cloud-based asset management real estate reporting to our investors. It shows our portfolio management, asset management, property strategy, asset valuation, financial performance, property transaction and tenant relationship management.

Property Management

We work with property manager on the basis of their performance and their innovative usage of technology.

Special Situations

The main aim of our real estate asset management firms is to increase and optimise the value of the building and to manage and to maximise the investment returns even during special situations.

Value add Strategies

We implement our knowledge and experience within this category. We take on portfolios or properties, which require improvements either physically at the building, management, operational or they suffer from capital constraints. Properties within a value-add strategy are leveraged between 40% and 60% and face a medium to high risk, but also provide a medium to high return on investment.

Operational Expenditure

Capital Expenditure

Opportunistic Strategies

Real Estate within this category can be considered as high risk asset, which can deliver also a high return after the manager has implemented his improvement strategy. This can mean an investment in a property, which is rundown or has major problems such as asbestos. We take on this challenge, removes the asbestos of the building, refurbishes the building in order to sell it on for a higher price. An opportunistic strategy can also mean the management of the development project. The level of leverage can be 60% or higher.