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Commercial Real Estate

Innovative Long-Term Solutions



We are a technology focussed real estate investment management firm, which is buying commercial real estate to optimise through the usage of technology in order to hold it on a long-term basis.



Long-Term Investment Strategy

Our main strategy on finding undervalued commercial properties is the utilisation of:
  • A Global Real Estate Network
  • Local Real Estate Partners
  • Innovative Technology
  • Sophisticated Search Data

Residential Investment Strategy

The real estate private equity firms are distributed globally, who want to diversify their investments. Hence, they invest through our firm in German and UK real estate.

Banks are located locally or nationwide in Germany and and the United Kingdom, who will consequently provide very competitive market rates.

A large network to these firms already exists and will be further nourished and expanded using technology.

This means due to the firm’s technological advancement of providing contracts and reports online and being able to conduct conferences in multiple languages, the company will be able to receive the best offers from real estate private equity firms.

Return on Investment

The investment in commercial properties in Germany and the United Kingdom ensures a secure return of 2% to 6% for the banks and up to 15% for equity capital providers. Furthermore, the firm will repay the entire loan and equity capital.

We have achieved this by focusing on the acquisition of commercial properties in Germany and the UK for the first five years. The properties are located in and around the largest cities.

We focus on those properties, which are generally priced lower than properties in the city centre. Hence, the returns will be higher due to a higher cash flow.

Additionally, we focus on tenants, who to stay long-term. Well selected tenants, which are staying long term often maintain their properties better, which results in lower OPEX.

Innovative Concepts

Furthermore, co-working and co-living service providers take on the risk of voids and lease the entire building from us in order to rent out small and packaged workspaces or living spaces with a higher margin. The extra effort of creating a community, analysing optimal usage of space and facilities pays off. These communities of the building and also the environment around the building are digitised and grant access to services and facilities in order to control them via an app. A community, which is then interacting with the app also reports any defects or actions, which has to be taken immediately. So, the property manager can act immediately, which then can be seen by us as the asset manager as the software is interoperable and transparent.

Digitised Processes

For the commercial real estate market, we have decided to not only work with property managers or brokers for the task of reletting a building, but are also using technology to optimise the process.

On the one hand tenants in search of new premises can still contact our business partners. Hence, they have a large database of potential clients to match with our buildings.

On the other hand we use new digital online marketplace platforms, which provide transparency and bring the tenant to us directly. It is now possible to rent out retail or logistic spaces on a short-term basis. The residential and hospitality sector are merging and are providing furnished apartments. These are apartments in the residential sector, but provide amenities such as furniture or a concierge like a hotel.

New digital marketplaces are offering us the possibility to rent those furnished apartments on a monthly basis. So, they are focusing on business travellers, who have work to do in a different location, but do not want to stay in a hotel for months. This increases the profit from us and our investors.

Hence, those digitised marketplaces are the best platforms to use for us, our property managers and our tenants. These marketplaces do not only provide data and information, which lead to the perfect match, but they can go one step further by providing the possibility to view the place digitally through virtual reality before physically conducting the viewing. This increases the reach to customers beyond geographic limitations and have even pursued customers to rent a place without physically viewing the premise.

Our Services

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