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Investor Benefits


Real Estate Investors

We establish real estate private and direct equity investments in corporation with global and local High-net-worth individuals (HNWI), Ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI) and family offices.

Furthermore, we establish real estate private debt and direct equity investments in corporation with global and local institutional investors, banks, financial institutions, pension funds and insurance companies. Our focus is on value-added and opportunistic focused real estate investments through the implementation of technology to ensure higher than average returns.

Real Estate Investment Strategy

Our strategy includes all real estate asset classes, including multi-family, office, industrial and hospitality. These investments could be senior secured private debt with a noteworthy current cash payment secured by hard collateral, or junior secured high-yield preferred equity and equity.

Technology & Transparency

Due to the utilisation of technology and global marketplaces, which is consistent with our strategy as a direct or co-control investor, we partner with sophisticated global investors and local management teams in all of our Real Estate investments.

European Real Estate Investments

Our real estate company, co-investor and financial sponsor / limited investment partners include local European and global investors, wishing to enter or expand their European real estate investments.

Compelling Investments

We have the technology and network to find undervalued properties in Europe. Nevertheless, competing on price alone becomes tough in such an environment to achieve targeted returns on investments. Hence, we are arbitraging global digital solutions, our experience and local relationships to source undeniable investments while mitigating risk through our servicing capabilities.


Borrowers want to work with a known financier as they support the borrower not just when things are going well, but will also be there, if the market turns. This is a competitive advantage, which is based on the trust built up from our relationships spanning many years.
Our target investment size in Real Estate is GBP 0.5 million to GBP 250 million per deal.

Coverage and Sourcing

Real estate is a fundamentally unique asset class continuously developing based on a broad set of global, national, regional, local, economic and technological factors. We utilise latest technology and local experts to source new private debt and equity opportunities with best in class borrowers, partners and underwriters.

Investment Strategy

We buy value-added and opportunistic properties in time-sensitive and complicated projects. By focusing on transactions that are often overlooked, misperceived, and difficult to underwrite, our expertise across property types ensures adaptability to varied opportunities.

Financial Sophistication

We have extensive experience structuring complex transactions across the legal and capital structure and are providing exclusive and sophisticated capital solutions to sponsors with non-traditional capital requirements. Our extensive real estate investment experience focuses on fundamentals and provides comprehension into the advantages and requirements of complicated property investments.

Technology focussed Asset Management

Our IT and technology expertise and capabilities enable us to manage each investment relationship from the point of first contact until the final resolution faster, efficient and effectively. We use digital tools to perform extensive primary due diligence to calculate and administer risk as well as execute integrated servicing and workout processes which provide material downside protection through workout, bankruptcy, and foreclosure processes.


Every investment is maintained with the usage of technology and through our hands-on experience of the operations of real estate assets. Furthermore, the ability to use digital global marketplaces with an understanding of what attracts long term tenancies, which ultimately creates value, enables us to increase occupancy rates to a maximum. By using technology, we identify undervalued, complex, distressed or high growth opportunities that have the prospective to become market-leading assets.
Industries in our Real Estate portfolio include residential and commercial real estate.

Our Services

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