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Nowadays, an increasing number of customers try to sell their real estate on their own. Trusting the Ebay motto: “123 mine” one’s property should belong to someone else the next day already. But is the sale of a real estate really that simple? The answer is: mostly not.

Reducing the stress for the vendor by selling a property through the utilisation of technology is one of our big strengths. We use digital facilities in order to make the sales process as simple as possible. We buy the property directly from the seller at a fair market value.

The seller has the certainty that the property is not selling under market value and is not exposed to the transaction stress. The inspection and the signing with a notary can be conducted locally or digitally.

We are looking for attractive properties in Germany and the United Kingdom to buy. We create special purpose real estate investment vehicles for our investments. Our typical investments should have the following features.


Investment Profile

  • Residential Block of Flats
  • Commercial Properties
  • Location: Germany
  • Location: United Kingdom


Focus on the most attractive opportunities in the “small to mid cap” space (GBP5-100 MM)


Single assets, portfolios, non performing loans (with a view towards ownership of the underlying assets)

Asset Class: Residential

Block of flats with or without retail

Asset Class: Commercial

Office, retail, logistics, hotels and student accommodation. Focus on properties in A and B locations with low WALT, high vacancies and /or other value-add or repositioning opportunities.

Asset Class: Development

Across sectors where planning permission has been granted or cancelled/aborted project developments.
Land with building permission or land in city locations.

Selling a Property Directly by using Technology

Selling a property can be a very big decision. It can be assumed that everyone, who decides far the sale has conducted an in-depth due diligence before making the decision. In the past it was very difficult to obtain up to date or real time data and information about the market and it was also very difficult to obtain an accurate fair market value of the property. In a lot of countries in the world, this information is to not given and the market is not transparent.

In some locations like London it is now possible to obtain information about property prices and even future predictions. Companies have realised that obtaining this information and data is not only crucial for commercial real estate investors, but also for private property buyers. They have created a marketplace for real estate data. Past, current and future property prices are available to participants, who are benefiting from participation of this marketplace. In this way the marketplace for data and analytics is growing fast.

In this way such a digital platform can provide very accurate real estate market predictions for the real estate seller.

Once the decision to sell has been made and the price has been determined, it is now the job of the vendor to accumulate all the required documents, which the buyer will require. The seller instructs his solicitor to obtain all the legal documents, to maintain and to provided it to the selected buyer. As there are a number of different documents, which are required at different times from different stakeholders, emails were usually being sent back and forth. We use latest virtual data rooms in order to store and share these documents. Furthermore, they are providing a way to ask questions about the property through the VDR. So, questions and answers can be visible to all participants.

The landlord could also decide to sell the property without a broker. So, all the work what a broker would do, has to be conducted by the owner himself. However, there are also digital ways to support him by this endeavour. For a small fee the vendor can decide to use one of those digital platforms, which are doing most of the work digitally and provide a guideline and a path to follow in order to complete the transaction.

These are already a number of steps and tasks, which has to be conducted to complete the transaction. All these tasks, were done in the past mainly by property brokers, who had the knowledge of the market, a large client database, expertise in marketing and were able to chase up all stakeholders and collect and provide documents as required. Therefore, the cost of the transaction was quite high. As the work, which the broker did was also a lot and took very long time to accomplish. However, with the use of technology and by working with us the entire process of the transaction can become more efficient and effective. We use technology, data and algorithms in order to create transparency to show the status of the sales process to the landlord. This optimises the usage of expertise and reduces costs and time during the transaction process. Overall the important factor is implementation of technology in all processes of the transaction. As we are flexible, fast and use technology, we aim to complete transactions 30% faster than other buyers.

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